I'm Daniel. Berlin based Web developer with a background in computer linguistics and machine learning.
These days I'm helping game devs (and others) to add some delight to their project management routines. Check out what I'm doing together with Maschinen-Mensch on Codecks here!


I'm mostly working with JavaScript these days. React on the frontend and Node.js for my server work.
Both, Typescript and Flow are great additions for creating maintainable software.
Database-wise I'm a big fan of PostgreSQL, even though I'm still not quite sure, how to actually pronounce it.
Oh yes. And I do quite a lot of contract work with WordPress. Not necessarily because I like the technology, but because it often makes a lot of sense for the customer.


2015 -


Project management tool for game developers.
One example of my WordPress work.
2013 - 2014


Assisting experts to teach online.
2012 - 2013

Jura Online

Learning platform for German law students.
2010 -


Pixel art community. My first big web app. The website was completely redone in 2018.

Get in touch

I mostly hang out on Twitter. You can also check out some of my work on GitHub.