Hi, I'm Daniel!

I'm a web developer with a background in computer linguistics and machine learning.

These days I'm working on helping game devs (and others) to add some delight to their project management routines. Check out what Manu and I did on codecks here!


#Current Stack

  • javascript/node

    With the advent of ES6 javascript became a real nice language.

    • React

      I started using it early 2014 and haven't looked back. The eco system has matured a lot and I find my work to be really productive with it when working on big and small projects.

    • webpack

      It's configuration can be quite fiddly at times. But it's so so powerful for almost all aspects of frontend asset handling, it's worth it!

  • ruby

    My go to choice for backend programming. Lot's of very robust libraries for all kinds of problems (ORM, throttling, etc...). The ecosystem starts showing it's age though and of course performance tends to be an issue...

  • PostgreSQL

    Not much left I could wish for when it comes to data storage!

#Past Stacks

In the past I've worked with angular 1, play framework 2, scala, java, android, python, mysql and a lot of hand made libraries since I found this to be one of the better ways of learning.


  • codecks 2015 - present

    Project management tool for game developers.

  • Patience 2013 - 2014

    Assisting experts to teach online.

  • Jura Online 2012 - 2013

    Learn platform for German law students.

  • Codeus 2010 - 2011

    After finishing my Master's two friends and I founded codeus - a consultancy aimed to create intelligent software to Scottish businesses.

    In our time in between projects, we had time to work on fun stuff like piq - a pixel art maker and community, and HellDefence a tower defence game for android.