Daniel Berndt

About me

Hi, I'm Daniel – Webdeveloper and Machine Learning Enthusiast.


a selection of recent projects

  • patience.io

    this is my current gig. Here I'm participating at creating a white-label education platform to offer a first-class personalised learning environment. For me this is a great combination to combine my passion for modern, user-centric web development and top-notch machine learning algorithms.

    link to project

  • piq

    piq started off as a simple page with a simple flash drawing app. During the course of time it developed into a thriving community of pixel art fans from all over the world who enjoy using the app.

    link to project

  • HellDefence

    HellDefence was developed in a 4 week period as a side project (and as my first more serious attempt of creating a game). It takes elements from tower defence and real-time strategy games, and lets the user play through 30 levels. It contains an extensive upgrading system as well as achievements and a survival mode. Since it was released in August 2011 it got about 100 downloads a day and an average rating of >4.5 stars.

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